WOYWW Progress?

I think it's progress??
The white units are now back against the wall and everything is in boxes ready to be sorted out.  I must make it clear that not all of the piles of stuff relate to craft.  There's a big bag of toys there to go to the charity shop and some camping equipment that was new this summer and now needs to be found a home.

Another update next week.

Check out all the desks today over at Julia's Stamping Ground.

** Kate **


Wipso said…
Oh bless you. All that sorting takes time....and you could be crafting :-)
A x
Lunch Lady Jan said…
The satisfaction of a good job well done...nothing like it. Then you can play happily knowing the hard bit's over :) xx
Twiglet said…
Keep at it - will be worth while when its all done!
okienurse said…
It is always such a pain sorting through all the 'stuff' but it is worth it in the end. Have a great week and thanks for sharing. Vickie

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