Sunday, September 4

Learn Something New Every Day

The Sunday Round-up

To document my progress learning something new every day in September I have decided to do a round-up each Sunday.  That way there will be pictures of my pages and progress so far as well as plenty of time for me to document my other projects during the week.  As the last day of September is a Friday, that will encourage me to have everything done and dusted for my post on Sunday 2 October. Well that's the plan anyway!

I have completed the cover.  I saw something like this with the checked paper and spraying a mask by Studio Calico for this Summer's CHA, I will probably use it again ona couple of the pages.
The opening page.  I'm going to keep cameras and craft cardstock going throughout for album continuity. (See Shimelle's very informative article on continuity throughout an album here)
And Day #1.  Not all my lessons will be about photography and crafting, but as that's what a good proportion of my time is spent doing it's only to be expected.
My notebook still has something for every day in it and I'm finding it easiest to settle down for an hour or so and complete a few pages in one go, so as long as I keep my notes going I'm sorted.  In fact I think my notebook will eventually be attached to the album in some way as the information in there is a lot more detailed than the contents of some of the pages will be.  For example Day 1 includes details of a new technique I want to try out after seeing some great examples on

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Anonymous said...

I love the misting on your front cover, it looks so pretty. Good luck with the 2nd October deadline!