Sunday, September 11

Sunday Round-up

I have truly suffered for my art.  I didn't feel great when I went to bed last night and then I woke up about 1am in terrible pain.  All I can think of is that I caught a chill whilst I was out taking photographs yesterday.  I've spent the day in bed, managed a bit of crafting, and have come down to use the computer before I retire again for the night.

Here are my Learn Something New Every Day pages made since last Sunday.

This one will be one of the few pages that is going to include a photo, I'll be printing them off once I get enough for a whole page.

Aside from LSNED I've been planning a little experimental crafting.  There's 'no lines' style stamping to have a go at.
My Martha Stewart stamp around the page kits has arrived.  I managed to make a mistake on this one, it was quite obviously not lined up straight but my hands went and stamped before my brain could tell them to hang fire.
And lastly this has arrived for me to play with my rediscovered Polychromos pencils.
I think I might have to head back to bed with a cup-a-soup now.

** Kate **


Denise said...

Hello,popping over from class- your pages are good,and I hope you are feeling better

Alison said...

Popped over from your pages..hope you're on the mend!
Alison xx

Jane said...

great lessons, hope you feel better now