Wednesday, October 26

Thoughts On Scrapbook Albums

I hadn't really thought much about my personal scrapbook album until Shimelle's post about them. The majority of my scrapbook pages have been made as a vehicle to make a gift to someone of photos I took at an event.  Until recently I had about a dozen pages of my own in a postbound album arranged in the order in which they were made.  This made them easy to file and allowed me to see how my scrapbook 'style' had progressed.  I seem to have made a lot of pages in 2007, perhaps influenced by the Fiskateers, and the odd page since then.
Recently my scrapbooking has picked up considerably.  I've got photos and memories I want to record and sorting through my craft supplies has reminded me that I bought quite a few patterned papers with specific photos in mind.  I don't scrap my photos in order, I just do what I fancy. As a result of this, I now have a very disjointed album that skips around through the years showing the children at all different ages.

A sort out was called for and I was quite looking forward to it.  Thumbing through the pages, re-organising and reminiscing.
Until I remembered that post bound albums are a pain!  If you take the pages out to re-arrange them and then they are slippery little devils when you try to get them back in again.  Alternatively, you have to take all the pages out of their sleeves, re-order them and then put them back in.
My plan is to start with 2 albums.  One in chronological order all about my family, our lives and things we do.  I've bought an American Crafts d-ring album for this so I can insert and move pages around as much as I like.  The other is for the odd pages I make about my thoughts and opinions, or random items.  These are going to be kept in the order that I make them, which means the postbound album still gets some use and I can still see how my pages have developed/changed.  It might turn out to ne a sort of 'book of me' eventually, who knows.
One discovery I did make during the sort out was that there are no pages about my 2 older children when they were babies, a gap I will definitely look to sort out soon.

** Kate **

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Alison said...

I have to say I love the D-ring albums and am slowly changing all my postbound albums to them.
Alison xx