Wednesday, October 5

WOYWW #122

It's Wednesday and as usual, over at Julia's place we are sharing workdesks.  Here's mine.
Not exactly going to set the world alight!  Had to use the flash as it's so dull and overcast here, which is really annoying as I have projects waiting to photograph and I don't think it's going to improve today.  It's all reasonably tidy (well it is for me!) There's a bracelet in a bag waiting to be re-strung and a pile of project left overs waiting to go away.  that's got to be on the list of top 5 worst craft jobs, putting back all the papers and scraps at the end of a project.  Have a good Wednesday.

** Kate **


Annie said...

I had a trouble with bright sun when I wanted to take my pics this week. What is this weather coming to? It's really cold here today now!
A x

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I hate putting scraps, ribbons etc after I've finished making something, yet always feel better when I do because it's tidy! I also hate doing all the preparation before you can start painting walls or woodwork - bleurgh. I just want to slap some Dulux on the walls and get on with it!!
Have a good crafty week, hugs LLJ x

Debs Willis said...

I hate putting all my bits n bobs away too - which is why I leave them all out until I can't see an inch of space any longer and HAVE to tidy!

Pretty grey and miz here today in Hampshire, so know what you mean about the light :-(

debs x

fairyrocks said...

Stacks are good. The long shadows of fall have been darkening my workspace too. Keep smiling and creating

Julia Dunnit said...

I'm totally with you. Scraps are a crafters enemy, they take up room and create guilt! Dull light all day here too...daylight bulbs at the ready then!

Lisa-Jane said...

Oh yes, I hear you! Someone needs to make an APP for putting scraps away. I tend to wait until there is a tottering pile that can't be ignored any more!

Sunshine Girl said...

I dont mind tidying the scraps away but usually half way through I spot something and think "oooh I could make this with that" and then get sidelined and make something else so therefore hardly ever end up with tidied away scraps! oh well such is life - I have daylight bulbs in my dining room now - helps with photos.

famfa said...

Weather is all over the place at the moment. Never the perfect light for taking photos of our creations

Anonymous said...

I've got a big pile of scraps on my desk almost constantly, they're the worst things to deal with IMO!

Brenda 67

Spyder said...

I'm sooo glad you pile it high too! I WILL tidy when I get home! Thank for my snoop!
Happy WOYWW!!