WOYWW #126

It's Wednesday, the day for sharing workspaces and general ramblings on life as we know it.  Link up over at Julia's blog if you want to join in or just nosey around everyone else.

Burning a hole in my worktop today is the remains of a cake from Halloween tea.
It's gluten free Victoria sponge with a coffee and almond topping (should have been walnut, but I didn't have any).  I could just eat the entire cake right now!
What I want to know is why can't you make a mini cake.  Someone needs to finds a way to get around the need to add a whole egg.  Then you could bake a little ramekin sized cake, stuff the lot and not have the rest sitting there calling to you for as many days as it manages to survive.

A local cafe has started baking gluten free on a Saturday which means I can go in and buy just one cup cake and think myself virtuous.  Of course they sell them at 4 for £5 too and that means you can try all the different flavours and we are back to square one again.

I've got Small 'N' Grubby home sick at the moment which limits my crafting in some ways (no late night crafting sessions as I attend the invalid's bedside), but also liberates it in others (when he is feeling well he plays with his little brother and I grab some time - like right now).

My craft emphasis is shifting now as I need to concentrate on jewellery, teaching a beginners workshop Monday night, and then I have booked in 2 stalls at craft fairs later in the month.  I need to make Christmas papercraft gifts to sell too, and of course there are Christmas presents to be made as well.

Happy crafting and have a lovely Wednesday.

** Kate ** 


Annie said…
I hope you don't mind but I just couldn't resist a little slice :-)
Yum yum.
A x
Bridget Larsen said…
You are making my mouth water. I just scoffed down 10 Reeses peanut butter cups, now I am paying for it lol
Bridget #2
Oh, this is the SECOND desk I've visted in a row . . . where there's delicious looking cake!


Hugs, Sandra View my desk HERE!
Lisa-Jane said…
I think you are right about the egg thing - maybe there is an invention there in the making! Its a super busy time isn't it?! I'd love to know what you are making for your papercrafts stall. xx
Anonymous said…
That's a lovely looking cake, and as I've just finished a salad for lunch I think I'm allowed a piece??? As for the eggs.... quails eggs anyone!! Might make a single bun a bit expensive though!

Brenda 74
Hazel said…
You sound busy (came here from WOYWW) - yummy cake - I wonder how much is left now? - lol! x
Alison said…
You are SO right about cakes..that's why I don't bake often...no willpower!!
Alison xx
Julia Dunnit said…
Ah Kate, you split the whole mixture between the ramekins....and before you lose the will to just eat one, freeze the others. Take my advice - I've never used it!
You sound as if the Christmas planning panic may just be slightly creeping upon you. Good luck with the jewellery class!
Angelfish said…
Ooh that looks delicious:) You could try the microwave chocolate cake in a mug, if you just wanted a small one. It's enough to share betwwen two:)

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