Monday, January 9

New Year - New You update #1

A good steady start to my 1st week of NY-NY with a 2lb weight loss.

Today, I've got some calories counting cheats and tips to share that work for me.

  1. Regular averages: Otherwise know as 'Life's too short to weigh every banana!'  The internet has some great calorie information like the average amount for a regular sized piece of fruit or veg, so that's what I record.  Some days it might mean I steal an extra few calories because my apple is a little large, other days I might give some away because it was small.  In the end it all averages out and I still lose weight.
  2. Personal averages:  There are some things I know I have again and again, made exactly the same way.  Like a cup of coffee for example.  So I took the trouble one day to pour some milk into a mug to the amount I usually have, then poured it back into a measuring jug and worked out it's calorie content. Adding that to the amount of coffee I usually use and that gave me a personal average for my regular cuppa.  If I make it myself, that's the amount I record. (Obviously, this is not the count for a visit to Starbucks!)
  3. Snacks under 100: I know, for me, that I eat chocolate nearly every day.  It is a necessity for my sanity, and my family's, I am an addict and I don't care.  I also know that anyone who can eat 2 squares of chocolate from a bar and then put the rest back in the fridge is of unsound mind!  The remedy then is to buy packs of chocolate with individual bars, preferable under 100 calories each.  That way I eat a whole bar as one of my daily snack allowance and then there are some waiting for me the next day (or as a 2nd part of my snack allowance if it's been a bad day!)  
May I particularly recommend:
Cadbury's Freddo - even better you can buy these singly, no dipping in for a 2nd one! 
Marks and Spencer Swiss Mountain Bar mini pack or they have packs of mini chocolate bars too.  

And of course there's Green and Blacks too. A little expensive, but what price sanity?
Kinder mini treats.
Mmm, how long til tea time??
** Kate **

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Lisa-Jane said...

That is soooo true, these people ARE of unsound mind. I like the chocolate cereal bars that I get from Slimming World because they taste like rice crispy cakes!