Organise This!

The Counterfeit Kit Challenge are getting organised and thinking about their ideal work space.  Here is a summary of my recent work space photos that I haven't made a scrapbook page about yet.

Now for the day dreaming:
I'd like to see the floor.  To move about the room and not trip over or worse trip over and have a pile of stuff land on me!

You can rely on Martha to have a work space to die for.  I first saw this picture on the Counterfeit Kit site.  I like the green. I like the units all matching.  I think that, despite being one of the messiest crafters on the planet, I am drawn to an uncluttered, Scandinavian kind of style.  Ok, I will say it and I don't care who knows it, I love Ikea!!

Martha's space isn't perfect for me, as I think having things quite so shut away means I forget what's there and   don't use all my stash and as a consequence it can stifle creativity.  So I am turning to Melissa Stinson.
Melissa, otherwise known as The Scrappy Jedi, recently revealed her revamped work space and I liked it.  you can see the floor, but you can also see the supplies.  I like the white units too, I have started buying new storage in white and, eventually, I think that's what I'll have.

It's predictable, it's been done to death before, but I feel an Expedit unit calling!

I nearly forgot, Santa,  please can I have a really nice view too.
** Kate **


Lisa Jane said…
oh wow i think we would all love a combination of those pics lol.. but reality is we all have a space just like yours lol.. you are not alone
Lisa x
mytwoandras said…
Thanks for sharing your space. I am sure you will feel great as you get it organized. I love that wire piece that is holding your photos.
scrappymo! said… need the Two Peas "Wookiemouse challenge. I think Crisanne is running it this time.

It is a 6 month room overhaul.
The lady who created it has a drop dead room. She was great about each weeks post. She would tell us what method she chose to organize each topic of the week. Then she would link you to all sorts of other choices that others used.
It is not based to sell anything and is free.
Each week you tackle yet another part of your room and the people participating link up pictures of their rooms.

She really gets you to look at your style before you start pulling things apart as that will affect how you organize them.
Although it is a course, you could just start yourself and read thru the original challenge. Crisanne links hers to the original every week.

Have fun in there.
Looks like you have the perfect room for a redo! How lucky that you were waiting to organize it! LOL

It will get there. I promise!

Counterfeit Kit Challenge
Kath said…
Love the view...i could do with that too.I also like the second craft space. Well we can all dream can't we?
Tara O said…
Loving your dream space...I, too, need to see what I have but am learning that if I put it away in spaces designed for like items that I DO use it. Novel idea. LOL.

PS...I love Ikea too. Too bad the store is 5 hours away. Sigh.
Lisa said…
I made the move to Expedit and LOVE it! I have a mix of baskets and open stuff and I am always looking to change things out and improve. My view may not be as nice as the photo you share here but I do love to stand and scrap and gaze out of the window ! Good luck in your organising!
S said…
Oh thanks for sharing, and good luck working on your dream space.
Emily said…
I also have the Expedit and it is just an amazing bookcase. I love both of your dream spaces and hopefully with the help of the 29 week session you can get there!
Anonymous said…
I'm with you on the need to see stuff a bit to use it - and too immaculate would make me feel out of place! Glad to see you have healthy snacks :)
Margie said…
I love your dream spaces-mine is usually a jumbled mess!
vanlikethecar said…
Melissa's space is totally to die for. One day...

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