Wednesday, March 21

Garden Centre Visit

Beautiful weather today, far too nice for sitting in at the computer or, heaven forbid, doing h****work!!  So off we went to visit a nearby garden centre.  Bit pricey, but nice to have a leisurely look around without having to sit in a car for ages to get there.

I was feeling a little sentimental and took my camera along for a few shots.   You see Branston Pickle starts full-time school in September, so we have until the schools break up for the summer holidays to go on our little mid-week trips with himself tagging along.  I was quite sad when he asked if we were going to the one with all the Christmas bears (a garden centre that goes wonderfully OTT with its Christmas displays).  I explained to him that even if we went there the Christmas things would have been packed away until the winter, my sister told him the bears were on their holidays.  If we want to go this winter it will have to be on a weekend unless a convenient teacher training day appears from somewhere.

So here for your enjoyment and my sentimentality is the Branston Pickle on his day out.
First having a small pit-stop for a carton of juice.  
All gone, I think?
Then playing on the giant connect 4.
Then making up his own pirate game still involving the connect 4.
Nice of the garden centre to arrange this convenient area for garden animals to perch.
Back with some crafting tomorrow.

** Kate ** 


Lisa Jane said...

Looks like a wonderful trip
Lisa x

Lisa-Jane said...

He is really starting to look like you!