Tuesday, March 20

It's begun!!

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Yes, Tim's 1st ever online education class has begun and it's not too late to join in, find the details here.

I hesitated a bit over this.  I have the books, I'd seen the CHA video demos, but this is different.  First off it's not called Creative Chemistry for nothing.  There is a ton of information about Ranger products and how they work and react.  So the next time you are in the middle of a project and you decide you need to add a little more ink or want to spritz a mist over the top, you will know how the products will react with one another, what will work and what won't.  All of the information is in brand new specially made videos with PDF downloads to back them up.

Here are my 1st three makes.
Yes I know, more tags, but I like tags and at the end of the course I will have a book ring full of techniques and examples.  Plus on the reverse of each one is a printed step-by-step of how the technique was achieved (available as part of the online course).  Although these techniques aren't new to me, I have learnt things about each of them that I hadn't picked up before.  I am so excited and enjoying this so much!!!

** Kate **


Toni said...

kate, your colours are beautiful, I really really love the last tag.

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Scrapthat said...

Fabulous work! Your third tag is really cool looking too!

Wendy - Anntaurus said...

Fabulous tags. I really like the look of your third tag.

Wendy -x-

Lisa-Jane said...

I shall be watching your blog with interest as I steadfastly refused to do it and now I am starting to waiver!