Saturday, April 14

Finished Collage

Here's the Dink Diva's finished collage for her Guide competition.
I think she's done really well and I hope the judges like it.
Here she is doing the doodling and shading on the work in progress.
Took a few photos in the garden yesterday as the pear tree is in blossom.
 At least one busy bee pollinating it for me, so hopefully lots of pears this Autumn (there's more of these pictures over at my nature photography blog).

The Camellia didn't look so good though.  The petals are brown even before the buds have fully opened.

** Kate **

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the crafting frog blog said...

Hi Kate and Dinky Diva - just wanted to say that I love the collage and hope you do well in the competition - very impressive. Obviously artistic talent runs in the family, you must be very proud Kate.
Have a great weekend all of you
Fi x