Wednesday, May 16

WOYWW #154

It's Wednesday the day for sharing pictures of your creative spaces, there are plenty to see at Julia's and you can join in too!

I'm taking the Cover To Cover online course at Shimelle's currently and it's hard to do without getting organised.
I've been tidying up my albums and come to these conclusions.  There is no point buying 12x12 storage if you don't use it for your 12x12 supplies, bit obvious that one really.  If you use 12x12 storage shelves for A4 things, like magazines, they end up scrunched up at the back.  So all of the non-12x12 have been pulled off these shelves into a heap and I have started to rearrange my papers.  As you can see I haven't started on the top of the shelves yet, but I think there is a magazine rack somewhere that can go up there.

Wanted to add that as well as all this sorting I also have 200 photos that I want to scrap printed (rather than scrapping the ones I happen to have) and with index cards containing dates and details, feeling very virtuous I am!

** Kate **


AJ Scrapbooking and Cards said...

Wow 200 Photos. I'm sure I have more. lol. I see you have tag and I wonder whats in that flower box on the top shelves. TFS AJ!

Happy WOYWW Day #70 AJ~

Twiglet said...

It must be that bit of sunshine coming through the windows that makes us feel the need to Spring clean a bit!! My room is all sparkly clean - still not very well organised though!!

Lisa-Jane said...

Like you, I wasn't sure how much I was going to get out of it. I didn't think I was fussed about the entire story as a whole and I still don't think I am, but there are definitely some bits that are striking a chord with me right now. Anything that makes us sort stuff out is good right?! ;-)

CraftygasheadZo said...

Lots of photos then! Super storage, but you're so right if it's used wrongly you end up with wrinkled papers! Take care & enjoy WOYWW, working my way through the list as usual! Zo xx 66

sandysewin said...

Wow, 200 photos. I've recently come to the conclusion that I may never get caught up on my scrapbooks and that's ok. It's the pleasure we get from doing them that matters the most to me right now.

Great job with the organizing. Sometimes the "obvious" takes a while to become so, lol.

Happy Woyww, :-)

Sandy #90

Darla said...

It really is easier to craft and concentrate when we are more tidy and organized...#100

Miriam said...

Lots of photos!!

Lovely organised shelves!

Anonymous said...

It just HAS to be Spring over your way.So many of us are cleaning and tidying.I can se
Judy #49e all those halos glowing from here!

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh that's me Kate..stacks of photos that cold be scrapped, but I want to scrap the new ones really! Impressed at your logic and sorting...totally see why a 12x12 space gets used for A4..after all, it fits!

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Note to self: use the 12x12 storage for 12x12 things. I confess, I stuck stamps in the first few 12x12 drawer organizers I bought (still in there too). I have a bunch (the joke is an 8-foot stack) of 12x12 containers filled with 12x12 paper now though too so I think I'm good. I would love 12x12 shelving, but no room! Anyway, I understand how sometimes you have to pick up and get organized before tackling a project. Otherwise, you could lose a lot of time trying to find things. That's no fun.

Queen Of Toys said...

Good luck with the organizing and the storage. I use 12 x 12 shelves for my card and papers, not the folders. I also use magazine racks for my fav mags. Goodluck with the images and photos sorting.

Thanks for sharing.
Eliza #19