Monday, June 18

Bee Still and a study in Gazebos

Just didn't get near the computer at the weekend.  Spent Saturday at a garden party, it stayed dry but we were nearly blown away.  A gazebo from Top Marquees was the only 1 from 3 that we took still left standing at the end of the day, with one pop up version from a mid-priced brand completely destroyed.  They do say you get what  you pay for, but if you can't afford one of their fabby ones I would recommend getting the cheapest one you can find (the ones where the poles fit together, not a pop-up) and consider it disposable!!!

Sunday we visited SMO's parents for father's day and before you know it the weekend was over.

I have a scrapbook page to share today.  Made from the last of my March Scrapagogo kit.
Glitter Girl has some great ideas at Two Peas for handwriting on scrapbook pages and what to do if things go wrong.  I'm definitely one of those people who hates their writing and thinks that it ruins the page. I really like Glitter Girl's idea of not waiting until the end to add your writing onto your perfect finished page, do it half-way through instead and let it grow as part of the embellishments.  I've been brave and written directly on the page for this one and was happy with the finished result.
I haven't been really utilising the lovely exclusive stamp that comes with the Scrapagogo kits despite that being one of the main reasons I liked their kits in the 1st place.  The March stamp fitted so well its use was just compulsory for this layout and I topped it off with some glossy accents. (The little tiny bees are from an exclusive Moo type card, a different one comes in each month's kit.)

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