Monday, June 25

A Child Free Day

On Saturday my sisters and I treated ourselves to a child free day (we have 8 between us).  The weather was kind and you would almost think it was summer!  We spent the day at Mottisfont, a National Trust site renowned for its rose gardens.  There's also a river walk and we timed our trip to coincide with an exhibition of photographs by Lord Litchfield.

I got severe shoulder strain from my camera and handbag combination (will seriously have to investigate a new set-up for days out, in fact I've already bought a new bag to try,).  Also managed to bring a spare memory card for the camera that turned out to be full.  I did get some pictures taken and here are a few favourites from the day.
In the evening one sister headed to the theatre and I went with the other sister and SMO's cousin to a 'Pudding Evening'.  A fundraising event which basically involves eating desserts until you feel sick.  The tickets were priced with a reduction if you brought along a pudding to share.  With allergies I thought this was the best way of ensuring there would be at least one pud I could eat.  I planned a pavlova, in view of having been out all day it seemed like a quick idea.  I tasked SMO with the purchase of a meringue base and he sent me a text whilst I was out to say he had successfully found one.

I got home to discover the biggest meringue base I had ever seen, over 12 inches in diameter!  I couldn't find anything to put it in once it was filled and ready to eat so the only alternative was to whip up the cream in another container and assemble it all when I got there.  Luckily I managed to find a quiet corner and assembled the cream filling with raspberries and almonds without too many people watching.  I think the shock was too much for me as I totally forgot to take a picture of it, but of course if I had it would have looked something like this, maybe.

There was enough left for me to bring some home in the cream bowl and mash it into Eton mess for pudding on Sunday.

** Kate **

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Lisa-Jane said...

One of my fave ever puds!