Monday, July 9


I've watched those extreme decluttering programmes on tv and felt a little knot in the pit of my stomach.  I can see how it happens and as I look around my home I can see the initial stages of a clutter nightmare.

It's time to lay my soul bare (well a little bit of it anyway) and share my clutter ahead of a week of intensive work between SMO and I.  My 1st step into self-help for a clutter nutter is sharing it and admitting it is there.

Here we go, photos taken this weekend (note how much of the clutter is craft related, eeek!):

The kitchen counter where fruit fights to survive amongst  the inks and stamps.
The computer table that has slipped and spread all along one wall of the kitchen.
The living room with children looking suitably pitiful (actually, they are saying "What ya doing?")
The craft corner of the bedroom. A bit blurred, I think I had the shakes by now!
The end of the bed where things the children throw at me and say they don't need any more go to die!
I needed some fortification to help me with the start of all this.  If you are one of my slimming club friends LOOK AWAY NOW!!!
The children asked to make these in the oven for a Saturday night treat and it would have been rude not to have one.

That's my breakfast update complete.  I plan to update during breakfast tomorrow with progress made.  Feel free to leave comments and spur me on/criticise my slovenliness.  Wish me luck.

** Kate **


Dawn said...

Kate, just wanted to say your not the only one who's house has stuff in piles everywhere! Can't wait to see how you progress with it!

nnalorac said...

Ooo Kate, someone's a bit of a hoarder i see, . Have done what your doing many times over the years and find it doesn't get any easier finding homes for I just casn't through this out! My boys always used to say you won't need this mum, well i might some day! Good luck. Carolxx

Eliza said...

Nonsense, all of that stuff is needed and wanted dead or alive, it doesn't matter really. Yep get rid of that stuff in the corner that the kids keep throwing at you and you will feel 100% better, well it is a start anyway. good on you for braving the wilds and the unknown, I will be back to see what you have done. LOL

Good luck and don't get lost.

Eliza #11

Lisa-Jane said...

Well done on tackling such a task and well done on SMO for helping. It is so hard to make any in-roads when you struggle to keep on top of the day to day things isn't it?!