Thursday, July 12

Decluttering - day #'4

Not so great on the progress yesterday as we turned our attention to all things Olympics.  There was a fun run at school for the little ones, but as the rain was torrential it turned into a parade once around the school field with flags.  Then we took Branston Pickle back home for a hot chocolate and a warm up.

Then in the afternoon the real event.
This is Lee Steggles a local power lifter, I remember seeing her in the pages of the local paper as I was growing up.  There were pictures from events she competed at and then at the end of year sports awards she  often seemed to be a lone female face.  I got taken to a similar awards once, by a previous boyfriend.  The only women there were 'other halves' and the entertainment was an awful 'blue' comedian whose act consisted of being as crude as possible and the male section of the audience thought he was genius, bleurgh.
So well done to Lee for carrying the baton for local women then as she did now.

I picked the spot where we stood, at the end of the road where I grew up and on the edge of a roundabout, couldn't see why anyone other than a few locals would want to stand there.  Here we are waiting and waiting (about three quarters of an hour in the end).
Small-n-Grubby thought it was hysterical taking a shot of us with the flag in our faces.
It started to get very busy and we were totally unaware that we had chosen to stand at the baton change over until a mini bus pulled up and the next runner, Ben Walton got out.  We were suddenly swamped by crowds and you can just see the two torches.
History in the making and now back to the decluttering!!

** Kate **

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Alison said...

I reckon you deserved a bit of a break from the de-cluttering...hope it's going well!
Alison xx