Decluttering - Day #5

It's Friday and after 4 days of decluttering I still can't bear to photograph anything.  I thought I would list my achievements as a way to show that something has happened, even though some of the rooms still look worse than when I started.

Living room:
- Sofa turned around and new throw ordered
- Television moved into new position
- Shoe store converted to side table
- Shoes tidied and reduced to fit into hall shoe store
- Toys sorted and some put back upstairs, other photographed ready to sell

-'Office' box next to computer sorted and ready to be replaced with I don't quite know what

- Cleared of old boxes
- All stored clothes brought down to be rehoused
- Toddler toys photographed and ready to sell/donate
- China brought down, some boxed properly and put back up
- 3 boxes for boot sale labelled and put back up

No progress here and there are now boxes of clothes, china and toys added to the mess waiting to be sorted out

3 bags taken to the charity shop, 2 bin liners out for rubbish - that doesn't sound like enough to me!

Feeling very tired and can't see a great deal of free time coming up today or over the weekend.  In order to prevent things from slipping further I will look for 15 and 20 minute jobs that I can list and completed whenever the time allows.

** Kate **


Lythan said…
Just keep going Kate, you can do it! It is a hard transition to make, especially when fitting it in around the rest of life so be proud of what you have achieved so far and keep visiualising what you would like it to look like. It can be quite emotional as well remember. We have had to declutter moving to a smaller house and my 16 year old elected to give up all but 3 of her 200 odd cuddly toys. I started boxing them up remembering where they all came from and it was too painful so had to just shove them in a bag but there were still a lot of pangs when they went (but so much more room!)
Rachel said…
She gave them up at 16 - OMW I have another 10 years to wait we are already in 2 crates and a basket. Well done Kate on progress so far - see it through you can do it
Alison said…
You sound as though you're getting through it..and it WILL look a lot worse before it gets better!
Alison xx
Eliza said…
Ok that is a start, but you can't move it from one room to the next, that is called reshuffling dear. It needs to go out of the house into the car and far, far away to thrift shop. LOL I will be back.......

Eliza #11

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