Today's sub-title is "They do say it gets worse before it gets better, don't they???"

Breakfast time on day 2 and I can report that we definitely started yesterday putting in a combined effort of around 10 to 12 hours.  I didn't feel well at the start and sat on the sofa thinking I couldn't do it feeling cramps in my stomach, but I felt better as the day went on.  The living room seemed like the place to start, one end of it has been completely re-organised but the other end is now just piles of stuff.  I think this is progress?!?!  I don't have the heart to share it I will wait for the big reveal later in the week. I ordered a new throw for the sofa yesterday as it is currently covered with our bedspread (owing to an accident some time ago with the previous cover!)  Took a while to find something big enough and washable at the right price.  It's kind of a golden colour which wouldn't have been my 1st choice, but when I showed SMO he thought it would go well with the room, so who knows!
Making a brave move today with our plans.  SMO is not around much tomorrow and I can do a lot of the remaining work on the living room on my own (with the help of the Branston Pickle!)  We are going to leave it all in chaos and move on to the loft.  That scares me a little as I panic that the living room will now remain like it is, especially if something prevents me from tackling it on Wednesday.  Things need putting up in the loft and other things need to come out for use by growing boys or to go to a boot sale/charity. I can't do the loft on my own and today is our greatest length of time without Branston, so it make sense, scary sense!

I will report back with pictures ready for WOYWW tomorrow.  I also have some secret crafting planned as I always watch Holby City on a Tuesday evening and I have a scrapbook page to finish while I watch.

** Kate **


Good luck with the rest of the decluttering - hope it all goes to plan! Sx

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