Glitter Girl and the case of the Scenic Solution

When I saw Glitter Girls adventure #29 I was quite excited, this was a problem I'd been having for some time.  I'm drawn to these sort of scenic scrapbook papers that look almost like they are ready to be framed as they are.  I buy them, often in the sale bin, and then they sit in my supplies for ever.  Well, no more, I loved Glitter Girls strategies for handling them and what's more I knew immediately which paper I was going to tackle 1st.  Now I believe that it is a testament to my creative chaos that I was able to put my hand upon said sheet of paper immediately (I had to move 2 boxes and a stack of books first, but I knew exactly where it was!)
(I've blanked out some of the personal details.)  The papers are Love Birds from Fancy Pants.  I wrestled with my conscience for a bit about using the back of one sheet.  This was the front.
Really pretty, but the pinks didn't sit with the autumnal colours in my plan and the back did, so it became my outer frame.  The rest of the papers (with the addition of some plain red and brown card) are all from the strips cut away to turn the main paper into a 10x10 square.  Here's how it originally looked back in October 2011 when I was quizing people at the Pretty Paper Party about what could be done with it.
As these were the only 2 pages I had from the collection (bought from the good old sale bin),   I didn't have anything to match them and I still wanted to keep things quite simple in view of the busy papers.  In the end I punched some hearts to match the ones printed on the paper and added some punched yellow butterflies.  Like Glitter Girl, I turned to my stock of Sassafras letters for the title.
It's turned out OK and I won't shy away again next time I find one of these really patterned papers in my hands.

** Kate **


Alison said…
Must look at that GG episode..I have some similar papers, for which I could do with some inspiration
Alison xx
MaryAnn said…
Love the result.
Your page looks wonderful. congrat's !
I have a stack of sassafras letters too. I guess we all did the same thing.
I love that we have Glitter girl to help us in this situation..I love some of the scenes on these papers but did not kow how t use them.

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