Wednesday, July 18

WOYWW and the Jedi invasion

Would you believe it, it was actually sunny yesterday.  For a short while in the afternoon, and I don't just mean it stopped raining for a bit, I mean there was actual proper, warm, wear your sunglasses, take off your coat, take off your jumper, sunshine.  Off I went into the garden and what would you know, the minute there's a bit of sun and the place is overrun by Jedi.
As for my WOYWW workspace, there's been no progress on the corner with the paper and tools in, but there has been a little, and I do mean little, progress in the stamping corner.
The before picture is below, it's a bit like one of those very hard spot the difference puzzles, because there isn't much to see!  Thunderbird 3 has been mended and the lunch bag put away.  There's been some general tidying and regrouping of things, but the stamps still need a good sort out.
Not sure if we will see that elusive sun again today, but hoping you can see it where ever you are.

** Kate **   


Queenie said...

Morning Kate,
Sadly no sun here just pouring with rain..again!
Loving your picture of a very busy Jedi..May the force be with him.
The clay is oven baked and so easy to use..30mins in the oven at gas mark 1/2,i baked it on an old tile that i had and yep it hs the look of porcelain.
I have been buying fancy little tiles and buttons as well but no more,lol.
Have more packs in the shed and going to get cracking.
Looking forward to seeing what you make.

Twiglet said...

Fab little Jedi! Guess he is the one who eats the bananas then!! (Spot difference pics) x Jo

inkypinkycraft said...

That is one cute Jedi! Trace x 56

SueH said...

It really looks to me like you’ve mastered the art of Push Right, Left and to the back but Kate, do you actually have a clear space to work in, Lol!

Loving the Jedi invasion. No chance of that happening here today as it’s dull and dreary and no sign of the sun showing its face today.
Happy Crafting!

mamapez5 said...

Glad you had a little bit of sun. The jedi obviously enjoyed it. You have a job and a half to find that work space still. Good luck with that. Kate #131

Tilly Tea Dance said...

Thanks for popping in to my blog - I never get to see C & C tv - sounds good. I like the Snoopy key rings. x M #73

Lunch Lady Jan said...

It doesn't matter what crafting has/hasn't been least Thunderbirds are Go again.. lol!! Of course I'll swap you a mat for some beads...but I'll be honest, there's nothing flash about it. Do you want felt to work on and are you fussy about colour??
Hugs, LLJ #70 xx

Darnell J Knauss said...

Oh dear, Kate, I so want to come over and help you sort through that!! But I don't blame you for being outside playing with the Jedi at every rare golden opportunity! Happy WOYWWING! Darnell #142

Shoshi said...

Love the Jedi, Kate! Lol! Wasn't sure what to expect when I read your title!

Nice to see youo're eating lots of fruit while you are crafting lol!

Thanks for your nice comment on my blog - I'm having such fun with my new inks.

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #3

Mindy Adams said...

Sorry you have been in the rain for so long. We could only wish and pray and dance for rain. It has been so hot and dry here that our lawns are brown. It has been 104* F for weeks now.

As for WOYWW, we all get busy and can't seem to find that certain something. There will come a time when you are able to get that space cleared off. Thanks for sharing your space.

Mindy - The Determined Scrapper

sandee said...

Good luck on the organization and may the force be with you! lol waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :) #50

BJ said...

Oh and the bananas have seen better days too - LOL Thanks for getting back to me with your number. I remember the Jedi days and thunderbirds, in fact I made a mini album of all our son's toy fads from birth to teens, we look through it often. BJ #79

Lisa-Jane said...

I can see a difference, I really can! It will be worth it in the end.