10 Things on the 10th

Shimelle has been listing 10 things on the 10th of the month for some time now and inviting her blog readers to join in.  It might be craft related and it might not.  Just 10 things, usually loosely related, anything as long as there are 10.  As part of Learn Something New Every Day 2012, a course that Shimelle runs every September (just in case you didn't know), she's encouraging us to join in.   So here are my 10 things for the 10th of September.

I've just come back from a weekend helping at Guide camp and although I could list everything I did it would be far more than 10 so instead here are 10 Things I DIDN'T do at camp but expected/hoped to!  I can't really share many pictures because of the girls being in them but there is one of me (looking a state, but please be kind remember I was camping!), plus a scenic shot.

  • Eat an ice cream.  I just didn't get a chance to get to the camp shop and get one and when I looked on Sunday as they were closing there were only ginger ones left, YUCK!  Who ever thought that ginger ice cream would be a good idea.
  • I didn't get to bed before midnight.  Ridiculous of me to have expected otherwise really!
  • But I didn't get woken up in the night by anyone needing me either, yeah!

  • Read my book.  Never expected to finish it, but not to even pick it up once.
  • Eat all my sweets.  Yes, I came back with unopened bags of sweets.
  • Get wet.  The most beautiful weekend to be camping, perhaps even the best of the year.

  • Visit any of the information areas or go for a walk to look around, I was kept far too busy.
  • Eat a cold meal from a mess tin whilst rushing to or from another job.  I was very pleased to sit and eat hot meals in good company and undisturbed.
  • And on that note, I didn't need to cook any of my emergency food rations.  I was well fed and my gluten free diet was catered for at every meal.
  • Lastly,  I didn't get time to leave the campsite and have a look at the lovely New Forest town near which it's based.  Oh well, there's always next time?!?!?
** Kate **  


Beverly said…
Kate, I can imagine it would have been difficult to list all the things you did, this is a great list. I am always a little sad when I visit a place and am unable to really get to know "it" but then again it also provides me a new list for us to explore later on. Do you have Celiac Disease? My aunt and future daughter in law do. If you like cheesecake you might want to check out a post I did recently...GF Snickers Cheesecake, it was amazing :) Do ya'll have Snickers bars or something similair?
Lisa Jane said…
oh lol ... what fab facts .. i used to be a girl guide and it brought back happy memories .. and am still a camper .. so understand lol
Lisa x

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