Not blogged for a week!!

It's not like me abandon my blog from one week to the next, but  a few things have been going on here.

First off the Branston Pickle has not been settling in at school and has been living up to his pickalicious nickname.  This morning he asked me "What day is it Mummy?"  So I say Thursday and he says "Oh, good, I don't go on a Thursday do I?"  Bless, you can't say he doesn't try.  It's been very tiring emotionally for him and me as he tries to come to terms with the changes and frustrating  to watch him fighting a battle that ultimately you know he just can't win.  Next week sees the move from part-time to full time and whilst I have my concerns he seems excited to be taking his lunch and staying all day, lets hope the novelty doesn't wear off too soon!

On the creative front I have been working on a secret mission for which I will of course share the outcome, what ever it may be, as soon as i am able to.  I also have a scrapbook page almost completed about the Branston Pickle and me, but I am determined that it needs some sewing on it and I hope to complete that in front of the telly tonight.

In January I had a rose flowering in my garden, which was a joy, but concerned me that it might get frosted for not sleeping when it should.  I needn't have feared as it has more flowers on it presently than I have ever seen it produce before.

Always a little piece of sunshine to be spotted between the clouds and the rain.

** Kate **


paul said…
a really lovely flower

thanks for sharing
Lisa-Jane said…
Aw bless him. I hope he gets used to it soon.

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