WOYWW #176

It's time for another peak at work spaces around with world with WOYWW.  However, for me this week it's more like WWOYWLS (that's What Was On Your Workdesk Last Saturday.)  Yes, I was very lucky to be able to get to the WOYWW get together and I am so pleased that I went.  I met loads of lovely people, spent lots of time chatting, spent not so much time crafting and learned some new crafting tricks. 

Here's what I managed to create on the day.  I took some Pink Paislee and Echo Park Halloween lines to use on some scrapbook pages. 

I took a lot of other scrapbook kits with me, but they never left the comfort of my craft bag!

Julia and Jan had 2 little card kits for us to play with.  I was getting carried away with some new blue Chalkboard Mist and decided to turn my die-cuts into masks for this one.

The other one is still in its packet, I will aim for completion by next week's WOYWW.

One of the lovely things about Saturday was that virtually everyone brought something different to work on.  I think I was the only one making 12x12 scrapbook pages.  There was also, Smash books, art journals, paper piecing, decoupage, wreath making, beading and so on.  Anything that didn't involve the use of the kitchen where Jan was cooking up a fabulous feast for our lunch.
 Cindy had made these lovely charms from some left over medals, will definitely be having a go at that.  Last, but definitely not least, Morti (who I realised only after I got home lives quite near me, doh!) let us have a try at decorating dominoes.  Here's mine.

There will be more of these from me. My sister is going to ensure that box full finds its way under the Christmas tree for me, oh and a special thank you to her for ferrying me out to Burbage and back!!

Those are just the photos I've taken since I got home.  There's more to download from the camera I took on the day and a couple more gifts and bits to share, just as soon as I manage to match the faces to the blogs!

** Kate ** 


Anonymous said…
Well DANG. LOVED the charms and forgot to snag one. And now I see your layout I know EXACTLY who you are (OK so the cartoon you is CUTE, but it wouldn't help me pick you out of a line up LOL!) I don't think I got a good look at the domino on the day, but I really like it too!

Have a happy WOYWW!

Mary Anne (20)
CraftygasheadZo said…
It was lovely to meet you and to see those layouts in the 'flesh', I was drawn to those papers and stash! I can't wait to have a go at the medal charm things too, so glad we saw what Cindy was doing and am glad I brought some home to play! Take care Zo xx 78
Goodness Gracious woman I can tell who you are from the lay out (which is much more stunning in real life) - as are you when compared to your cartoon !

you were quietly working away I remember walking past and saying something Banal like 'nice pumpkins'

(I am sooo embarrassed now)

dxxx a hundred and something (106)
I wanted to see Morti demonstrating those dominoes but it all happened so quick that I missed it. Yours is fantastic and a subject close to my heart..Halloween! I was recently sent some dominoes from US and need to use them now!
It was a fabulous day and Fergus did not quite get round to everyone but here's to the next one ey! I meant to pick another badge up for him too so both he and Monkey could have one!
Sunshine Girl said…
Love your layout - sounds like you all had a fabulous time at the weekend too! Thanks for sharing - Sunshine Girl no. 57
All of these pieces are fabulous. I haven't even started thinking about Christmas cards yet.
Lunch Lady Jan said…
It's all a bit of a blur now - I never even got to thank you properly for the Bead Spinning whatsit you so kindly gave me...sorry, it's going to be so useful, I know it.
I loved the day, even though I was completely shattered on Sunday! I have enough Scotty dog fabric for your beading mat so will start next week as I have a craft fair on Sunday.
Take care, LLJ 56 xx
Lisa-Jane said…
I was so sad to miss it and then I saw you there and was even more sad! Sounds like a wonderful day and I love all the things you made.
Twiglet said…
Well what lovely bits and bobs you have to show us today. You must have had a great day with the WOYWW ers. x Jo
scrappyjen said…
Great layouts. Happy woyww jenx 139
Li'l Pidge said…
Love your card makes from the crop, lovely meeting you Saturday.
Thanks for visiting my desk already

kyla #55
butterfly said…
Sounds like the whole day was a blast! Those layouts are fab, and your domino is absolutely exquisite... Belated happy WOYWW!
Alison x
Morti said…
LOL - only Donna could say "nice pumpkins" like that and make me hear "hur hur hur" in my head.... hehehehe...

So where are you hun? I didn't know you lived locally - if you were near we could have fetched and carried you ourselves, and you could have come round to mine in the evening! Assuming you don't have dog/cat/snake allergies.....? Thanks for stopping by and blowing my trumpet for me!
JoZart said…
Great to meet up with you even if we didn't manage much time with everyone at least I do know you now. Love all your makes and will keep popping in. We've just got to do it again and for longer next time.
Jo x
Tamika said…
You accomplished a lot projects,layouts, alterations oh,my! Must have been fun meeting the girls! thanks for letting me peek Tamika #124

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