Good news, Bad news

Back from a lovely seaside holiday with the family over half-term with lots of pictures to share and to scrapbook.

On a sad note though, the Hairy Horror (that's the dog, in case it's not clear) died at the weekend.  I'm missing having her about the place very much.  I turn around to speak to her and just find an empty space.   I've now missed two callers at the front door (one of which was a parcel from a very exciting new design team!) - no little friend there to bark and tell me that she had heard the doorbell when I didn't.

Love you, Boo.

** Kate **


nnalorac said…
Sorry to here you've lost your cutie Kate, we miss them so much, just part of the family. Carolx
Lisa Jane said…
oh that's sad .. you will miss her dearly x
Brigitte said…
Ohhhhh, i'm so sorry for you!!!! It's so hard to loose a pet. Big hugs, Brigitte
CraftygasheadZo said…
Aw sorry to hear that, hugs. Zo xx
Suzy Beecher said…
Awwww that is sad news indeed, hugs to you all xxxx

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