Memory Wire

Memory wire is a great resource to have in your jewellery making supplies and also a good place to start if you're new to the craft.

The wire comes in coils that keep their shape and wind around the wrist to make a 'one size fits virtually all' bracelet.  The beads can be secured by gluing the last one onto the wire or by turning the end of the wire to make a loop.  The loop method also allows you to hang a charm or bead on the end for a finishing  touch, as I've done in this case.
The beads are from Blue Moon Beads' 'PB&J' bead selection.  Does that stand for peanut butter and jelly?
I've added metal beads and beautiful glass pearls from the Blue Moon Beads findings range for an elegant look.  You can just as easily use beads with different colours and finishes for a more eclectic look and of course the bracelets make great presents!

I've got some ideas coming up over the next couple of weeks for great ways to use beads and jewellery findings in your holiday decor.  You never know, at this rate I may even get myself all organised before Christmas!

** Kate **
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Edited to confirm, yes the memory wires are available through Blue Moon Beads.


Laura said…
lovely bracelet.
good luck with getting yourself organised in time - if you have any tips let me know!! ;)
Lisa-Jane said…
That's beautiful Kate! Is the memory wire from Blue Moon as I need to get some? PB&J does stand for peanut butter and jelly but they are not the colours I would think of for that!
Brigitte said…
This is just AMAZING!!!! i love the colours and all the pearls put together! A wonderful creation! Hugs,Brigitte
Lovely colours in that bracelet Kate. Not sure that they are peanut butter and jelly colours though!

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