The Holiday Table

The littlest member of the household is much better today, but what a job it was convincing him it was time to start going back to school!! 

There's lots of excitement about today being 12/12/12, it would have been a good day to have made arrangements for a special occasion, then the date would never be forgotten in a hurry.  Small-n-Grubby was saying how there would be 1000 years before the date would be that special again.  I reminded him that next year he can celebrate 11/12/13 instead!

I've managed to finish the Christmas table decorations today using my Blue Moon Beads supplies and another of the candle jars like the one I made last month.
All the beads are from a Blue Moon Beads Sour Grapes tin apart from the red beads that I've used for berries, which came from a Raspberry tin.

Crimp beads hold the coloured beads in place on the wire and there is a little dab of hot glue behind the heavier ones to stop them from dropping down the glass.  The Jute Twine gives a lovely natural look with the holly leaves.

The same design has been carried over to the napkin rings and there are plenty of beads in the one little tin!

I've wound the Jute around loose enough to slide the decoration whole from the napkin with all the beads wired to it using head and eye pins.

Finally I needed the lights down low to really see how the twinkling battery tea light reflects off of all the beads.

Now that's the Christmas table looking lovely and this Christmas don't forget the most excellent advice of  Miss Piggy "Never eat more than you can lift!"   
** Kate **


Lisa Jane said…
oh wow these are gorgeous ... i love them .. you table will look magnificent
Lisa x
Brigitte said…
Beautiful!!!! Your table will be AMAZING!!! Hugs, brigitte

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