Thin Wires

Ever noticed when buying jewellery supplies that there is a choice between thick and thin head/eye pins?  Well the thin ones are really good to use for a wire wrapping technique.

I've used some thin copper coloured wires from Blue Moon Beads to wire wrap pearls for these earrings.

Thread your bead on and curl the wire with round nosed pliers to make a loop with a long end.  Make the loop further up the wire than you would normally to allow room for the wrapped part below the loop.

Using flat (chain nosed) pliers, hold the loop you have made very firmly so that it doesn't close when you wrap the wire.  Take hold of the end of the wire with a 2nd set of flat pliers and wrap it around the wire beneath the loop.  If you have excess wire once you finish wrapping, just snip it off with wire cutters.
To make up the earrings I've dismantled a Blue Moon Beads pendant and used one connecting bead for each earring.
The wrapped pearls are then clustered underneath attached to some jump rings.
Don't forget to wire up a few extra beads to decorate a co-ordinating gift box.  I've used DCWV glitter card to make my pillow box.
All of the jewellery supplies for these projects are from Blue Moon Beads and they have a great supply of all the tools I've mentioned too. 

* Kate **


Brigitte said…
Just gorgeous!!!! Love those earrings! Anybody would be proud to wear them. Hugs, Brigitte
Great tutorial. Since I don't have pierced ears, I don't make very many pierced earrings but want to whip some up for a last minute gift. Thanks for the inspiration :)
Laura said…
Lovely wrapping too!
Crystyl Ortega said…
Cute idea for the wrapping!

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