A Snow Day

The snow has finally reached us and bout this much has fallen overnight.

The schools are shut which means I have spent the morning refereeing a 3 way fight, sigh.

On Winterwatch they suggested we look in our gardens this morning for exciting tracks and signs of wildlife, I guess they forgot to tell the wildlife about the idea.

The snow is pristine in the garden.  I haven't seen so much as a bird in a tree and it's as silent and peaceful as Christmas morning.

** Kate **


JoZart said…
Enjoyed your pics and had a chuckle about the wildlife. Nice cushions on the chairs too! We've had about the same amount here in Liverpool.
I buttered all my crusts then dipped the buttered side in seeds before breaking it all up then I went into the pristine snow and ran around distributing my gift to the birds all over the garden. (We do hang nuts and fat balls too). I felt like a child!
Jo x

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