Bag Charm

I'm a little behind with the blogging of my jewellery makes, so much so that this is the last of my December makes and then I'll be back tomorrow with the first of my projects for January.  The reason behind this has been the weather.  I always moan at this time of year that I should get some sort of decent lighting set-up for photographing projects ,but the weeks roll by and I don't and then the next thing you know it's back to dreary winter weather and dark all day long.

Yesterday we had one bright clear day to break the monotony and cheer our spirits. I took some photos of 5 projects I had ready and waiting before we headed off to visit relatives in an area of town down near one of the 5 rivers that run through the area.  The banks had been burst in several places, there were fields, parks and parking areas under water and a couple of the underpasses we had planned to use were flooded and unpassable.  I am going to regret saying this, but I have missed the cold, frost and even a little the snow.  Christmas just isn't Christmas without it.

I've been distracted, back to the bag charm.  I'd seen a few 'designer' bag charms around this Christmas and, like most crafters, my first thought was 'I could make that!', so here's my creation.

The lovely wooden tree is a Blue Moon Beads 'Wood & Shell' pendant that I've attached to a clip.

The 'Love' charm, tassel and a wired bead have been attached to the pendant to give it more length and lots of interest.
 And there we are, job done.

My own 'designer' bag charm.

** Kate **


Kath said…
This is a lovely addition to a bag, Kate. How clever.

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