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The 13th of each month is being marked this year by Katharina and her friend Flati with a photo challenge.  I think it's a great idea, particularly as the photos are to have a craft theme.  The Creative Craft Photo (CCP) theme for January is - Essential on my craft table.

There are lots of things I use in my crafting everyday, but the 1st one that came into my head (and Katharina's as well!) was this.

I love my cutting tool from Fiskars, I use it for all my measuring, cutting and scoring.  As you can see I have set myself the separate task of going for the most interesting photo angles I can manage (I miss HS:MS, if anyone else remembers what I'm on about?)  We'll see how I get on!

** Kate **

Forgot to add, watched C&C yesterday, drooled with envy but bought nothing, am I good or what???


Katharina Frei said…
Great minds think alike :)
Great detailed photo!
Katharina x

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