Journal Your Christmas

This year I'm really pleased to have completed my Christmas journal, after a non-starter last year. 

I realised I had to make it fit with my life-style, no matter how I wanted neat embellished tags or pages there was never going to be time to make that happen.  What I knew I did want from the project was a record of my Christmas season, with notes on things I wanted to remember and look back on in future years or to use as a source of information for any Christmas themed pages I make in 2013.

My little notebook has been perfect.  I've had some stamps out today so I took the opportunity to add a few here and there.  Here's a typical page.

Just jottings there and then as I read the daily prompts.  Some recording the what, where and when that made up our Christmas and others, like the one below, using the prompts to guide a more creative style of writing.

There are extra pages in the book and once I've finished sticking in bits of cards and wrapping paper, what ever takes my fancy, I will probably remove them.  Having extra pages though has been good as I've been able to record any other little snippets that don't fit into my existing pages.

Like a discoveries page that details how these Prewetts gluten free Christmas tree shortbread biscuits are the best thing I tasted this Christmas.  How I discovered that the toaster was broken as I started to prepare pitta breads for dips at the Christmas Eve party.
And how I just 'discovered' that if you stamp using Stormy Sky Distress Stain it looks like pen and ink line drawings.  Don't tell me everyone knew this already and didn't tell me?  What does it look like using the ink pad in that colour, I don't have one?

There it is done, just the last few prompts to add this weekend and then I guess I will have to take the decorations down.

** Kate **. 


CraftygasheadZo said…
My plan for 2013 is to journal things more, to make use of my Smash books and keep writing memories down. Love what you've done. So important I think to write it all for our children and future generations. Take care Zo xx
Julia Dunnit said…
Well done Kate, what a great job..the perct take on the jyc concept I'd say. Love your discovery aout the stain stamping...i dont use the inkpads to stamp, they bleed and i dont like it, butincan totally get to like that sketch look on the right image,

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