O-kie Bokie

Journal Your Christmas 2012 included a really useful set of photography prompts, which make a handy go to list at any time of year.  One was all about bokeh, with 'how to' and links to other tutorials to take your bokeh to the next level.

I am most definitely at beginner level, but I set to before the tree came down on Sunday night and these are the results.

Not overly spectacular (our tree just had one small set of lights), but undeniably the effect is there.

As everyone else had gone to bed, I slipped the angel off the top of the tree to try a shot with an object in the foreground.  The focus isn't sharp and the picture is quite grainy (I had the camera hand-held because I would have made too much of a racket digging out a tripod at that time of night!)

I'm happy, I just need to get scrapping some pictures now.   I can't believe that looking back it was October that I made my last scrapbook page and I have a whole holiday's worth of pictures since then let alone Christmas.

** Kate **


Julia Dunnit said…
Gosh lovely stuff Kate, good for you. For actually doing it before the grand dismantling! Its such a lovely effect..and now you can do it, brilliant!
That is very okie bokie to me Kate! I love the effect specially on water if you can catch the sun in the right place. I have quite a few pics of Vltava River in Prague as I like the effect so much! I need to practice a little more with lights and thanks for the prompt.

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