One Little Word

In a change to my published plans (back to the creativity tomorrow) I feel I really need to make this post today.

I've not participated in One Little Word before, but I can see from Ali Edwards blog that it has been on the go for some time.  This year I need a word.  This year is going to be different, a bigger challenge, a different challenge.  For some years now we have known that our house is too small and that one day we will have to have a bigger one.  Well I have decided that 2013 will contain that day!

Is it a great economical time to be moving? NO!  But I don't see things getting better any time soon, so that can't be an excuse to wait.  So how about that word?

I need to be STRONG.  There is no way this is going to happen unless I make it happen.  With the best will in the world I  have to accept that it's down to me.  Help would be great and I will accept it from any quarter whether expected or unexpected, but the buck stops here.

I need to be RUTHLESS.  I must stop living like we might move and start living like we are moving.  The house must be gutted from top to bottom, cleaned and material items minimised.    We are hoarders, we have junk seeping from every available space.  If it's not coming with us it needs to go, now.  If its coming with us but we don't need it until we get there then it needs packing away.

I need to embrace CHANGE, or I need to EMBRACE change, which ever.  Our budget will have to be looked at closely.  One benefit from living in a house that's too small is it costs less!  Our lives will feel less secure. 

So I still need that one word, a strong word that can withstand a challenge.  My one BIG word for 2013 is .................

And of course I plan to maintain my creativity throughout 2013, because we all know that it's the same as maintaining your sanity!

Normal service will resume tomorrow.

** Kate **


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