WOYWW - Tiny progress

I forgot what day it is.  How daft is that?  How can any WOYWWer forget that it's Wednesday?  A late morning view from me then.  The desk is still in transition, in fact it is soon to be dismantled. I really am having a complete change around.  In the meantime, a tiny bit of progress and a job I have been meaning to do for months. 

Yes, I've labelled my Copics.  Where ever their home may eventually be they will sit there all neatly labelled and identifiable, if not in any semblance of order.  Well you can't expect too much at once!

I've also finished the art journal page that was on my desk last week with a bit more colouring and a wordy stamp from Tim Holtz.

Right, back to work, where did I put that screwdriver?

** Kate **


die amelie said…
What a lovely page!

And your markers look intimidatingly organized *lol

Have a wonderful WW!

die amelie #66
Ann B said…
Love the quote in your journal and the cute little deer. I did the same with my collection of Copics and ProMarkers. Takes a while but once done it makes it easy to find the right colour.

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comments - always appreciated.
Ann B
Anonymous said…
I love all those copic pens together, especially as they're almost all pastel colours. Very pretty journal too, hope you get the room sorted out soon. I got all the rolls of bakers twine on my desk back in November and can't find a home for them, then before Christmas I added the rolls of polka dot ribbon tape too... yet more stuff I can't find a home for!

Brenda 91
Helen said…
Great page, you have to love Tim's word stamps! (and the alphabet background one you've used!) Helen, 9
Lunch Lady Jan said…
Does it make me really sad that I love that photo of the Copic tops?? It's such a great picture...I really do like it! It would make a great jigsaw!!!
Ad you're right, those blooming molehills do look like ginormous cow pats....grrrrrrrrr!
Hugs, LLJ 36 xxxx
Ria Gall said…
what a lovely journal page so sweet and lovely. You have done a fab job on your pens it will make like easier in the long run. Thanks for sharing
Ria #44
Queenie Jeannie said…
I had to label my Ciaos too. Too hard to find otherwise!! Enjoy!

Jeannie #12
Julia Dunnit said…
Oh my, you really are on a mission! Fab job with the Copics, what a great idea. Absolutely love your journal page..you really get this journalling thing, huh.
fairy thoughts said…
Well done for the copic 'marking' glove the photo i have a fav one of my felt at work... it is so colourful...I may post it next week. Please could you put your Mr Linky no when you comment it saves a lot of time trying to find people on WOYWW
thanks and have a great weeek
janet #32
Ooh everyone is still getting organised! I forgot it was WOYWW completely, the last week just went too fast! Hope it was a good one, Cindy
Gaby said…
A great idea to organize your copics.
Lovely journal page!
hugs, Gaby #98
Caz said…
Great page!!
And great bit of organisation with your pens too!! WOuld you like to come and do the same for mine now please - they're all in a mess!!
April Story said…
Awwww - your little deer is adorable. And the sentiment - very nice.
April #101
P.S. Really like the picture of the Copics labeled - you could frame that one.
Cardarian said…
Quite a good idea to label your copics! I don't use them that much so I don't feel inclined to do that but maybe I should! Your journal page is very nice!

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