Beaded cuff - Blue Moon Beads

I've been having too much fun sorting and organising beads, it's high time that I made something with them!

Today I have instructions for making a beaded cuff.  I've used bright spring colours of blue/green acrylic Blue Moon Beads from JoAnns.

Attach two pieces of metal jewellery thread, each about 14 inches long, to a small oval jump ring by securing with crimp beads.  Thread a bead onto each strand and use them to cover the loose ends of the thread.  Next thread a single bead onto both strands by threading them in opposite directions through the bead.

Now thread with a bead on each strand again and repeat the steps threading a single bead on both strands followed by two individual beads until the cuff reaches the desired length.

Before securing the finished threads with more crimp beads, take the time to adjust and tighten all the loops along the length of the cuff for a neat and even finish.  Secure the ends of the threads with crimps as at the beginning and attach a Blue Moon Beads toggle clasp to finish.

** Kate **


Kath said…
That's really pretty, Kate. I love the colours.

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