Glass Chips Bracelet - Blue Moon Beads

I'm still here and much better, having to go out and drop off/pick up children in the snow is not helping though!

The first of two jewellery blog posts this week, as I spent much of Sunday sat in bed with a cup of coffee and a large box of beads.  As I had some time on my hands I went for a fiddly design that is quite simple, but took a couple of hours to put together.
I've used a packet of Blue Moon Beads glass bead chips from JoAnn's and threaded them onto a plastic wire.  Once threaded through a toggle clasp, a matching crimp bead was used to hold them in place.

The wire, toggle clasp and crimp beads are all from a pack of Blue Sky necklace findings.

A metal and resin pendant, also from the Blue Sky range was used as the beautiful focal point.

** Kate **


This is really beautiful.

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