WOYWW or maybe Thursday

I think my crafting disasters on Tuesday may have been a prelude to a general down turn as I spent yesterday sleeping and feeling distinctly under the weather.  Having taken a couple of days off from my routine, I feel a little better today, but the duvet is still looking very enticing. 

It's more like What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday Thursday today.  At least the arrival of this little parcel landing on my desk from The Artistic Stamper this morning has put a smile on my face!

I need to go and force myself back into life now or else I might never appear from under the duvet again!

** Kate **


CraftygasheadZo said…
Oooh nice new goodies. You'll have fun playing with them. Take care Zo xx
Francesca said…
Lovely goodies, I have just ordered myself 3 of the new dabber paints, to give them a go. Francesca #108
Belinda said…
Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. Last week, my whole family had something yucky and I desperately wanted to stay under the covers.

I hear you about the fun of receiving a package in the mail. I love it, I love getting crafty packages. I hope you feel well soon so you can put those new goodies to use.

If you feel up to it, stop by my desk.

Have a blessed day!
Belinda (102)
SaraJ said…
It's always nice to have something fun to think about when you can final start to lift your head up and the truck has moved off of your body and you start feeling human again. The paint looks SO fun - can't wait to start playing in it. Get well soon.
saraj #22
Jeanna said…
I'm waiting for a package of my very own right now. Isn't it exciting? Your own goodies look fun! Have your first project planned for those little guys?
Have a great weekend,
Jeanna #168
April Story said…
I hope you're feeling better. I am looking forward to seeing what you do with your arrival. April #133
Tamika said…
Awesome colors,have a ball!

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