Fashion A La Carte - Blue Moon Beads

Part of the massive range of creative items offered by Blue Moon Beads includes the Fashion A La Carte range of feathers, flowers, coloured elastics and silk accessories.  I've been playing with some of them and incorporated a hot pink feather accessory into a necklace.
 The necklace is made up of 3 strands, faux suede and silver chain from the Feather Jewellery range and a black Blue Moon Beads chain.  I've separated the black chain into small pieces and then joined them with JoAnn's glitter beads wired onto pins.

Once the chains were finished I've sewn the feather accessory over them and also sewn a flat pink jewel to the centre.

I was reading a magazine article the other day about predicted upcoming trends.  One of the trends mentioned was a surge in interest for all things 1920's following the release of Baz Luhrmann's Great Gatsby due in May 2013.  I'm loving the idea of lots of 1920's inspired projects and made a quick Flapper Girl head band using 4 pieces of neutral coloured elastic tied together with a large silk flower and feather accessory sewn on top.  The Dinky Diva very gamely agreed to model it for me.
Thank you, beautiful girl.
~ Kate ~


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