Adventure #65, part 2

Glitter Girl's adventure #65 is about selecting a kit from your overflowing and intimidating stack of supplies and making 3 layouts with it without adding any extras.  I blogged my kit selection process and supplies list here and now I'm onto the actual pages.

The basic layout of the pages, background papers, pictures and blocks of paper went down in a flash, no trouble, but I struggled more when it came to the embellishments.

It took a lot longer than I would normally take setting supplies to one side, returning to them again and being very indecisive.  I think this was mainly down to my original kit choices.  I had wanted some Studio Calico wooden stars when I originally put the kit together but I couldn't find where I had stashed them away.  Then I chose some big metal trimmed tags which I had several ideas for, but then they just didn't go with the pages.  I might ask Glitter Girl about them!
The eagle eyed might spot that I have switched the photo arrangement on 2 of the layouts from the original sketches.  My set of 3 photos were in portrait rather than the landscape of the original sketch.  When I laid the page out with the sketch flipped around to have the photos in a strip it gave a strange sort of antenna of embellishments coming up from the left hand side and I just didn't like it.  To solve my dilema I put the 3 portrait photos on the layout designed for 2 photos and put the set of 2 portrait photos that I had in a column where the 3 photos originally were on the sketch.
 A couple of other supplies gave me some problems. 

The Hambly stickers I'd chosen for journalling had a slick finish to them.  I tried writing on them with a Sharpie, but the contrast with the page was just too stark.  In the end I write directly onto the background page and then stuck one of the stickers over the top.

My other issue, which I've already raised around the Two Peas forum, is that my lovely adjustable date stamps I have been collecting don't go back far enough.  So if anyone knows of one that goes back to the year 2000 or beyond, let me know! 

~ Kate ~


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