CCP - Dirty Fingers

For those who have not yet discovered CCP, it stands for Creative Craft Photo and is photo challenge hosted by Katharina and Sonja on the 13th of each month.  This month's theme is 'Dirty Fingers' and these are my fingers from Friday.

They aren't much better today, I've done a proper dye job on them.  You see I was impatient.  I've been working on a mixed media canvas all week, just 10 or 15 minutes a day.  If I have a product in my hand I think 'Do I want a bit of this on my canvas?' and then, if the answer is 'Yes!' I slap a bit on and then get on with whatever else I'm doing.

I just couldn't waste the over spray collected on this tile and I had my hands in it picking off the wet letters way before my brain had engaged gear and thought that it might not be such a wise idea.

It's a combination of Chalkboard Mist in Seven Seas and Sprout with a touch of Cosmic Shimmer Mist in Aqua Lagoon because I just wanted to go a shade darker.

Have you got creative this weekend and ended up with Dirty Fingers???

~ Kate ~


Katharina Frei said…
I can sing a song about being impatient and touching not yet dried things all the time...LOL Welcome to the club :)
Thanks for joining this month's CCP Kate - there is a new chellenge going live tomorrow. Hope to see you joining again :)
Katharina xx

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