Finding Your Photo Style


Big picture classes have a new photo workshop open for registration.  6 weeks of creative photography ideas from 6 industry experts.  I've been checking out the experts, some I already knew of, some I didn't.  There's some interesting and diverse styles there and it looks like it will be an interesting course. Ali Edwards has all the details here plus a giveaway and links to blogs for all 6 of the participating photographers (there's giveaways on some of their blogs too.)

One photographer I hadn't encountered before that I will be stalking from now on is Kate T Parker (I mean she has a fantastic name for a start!!)

Check out the giveaway on her blog and look through the fantastic portraits she shares there.

As a total aside, I just needed to say that I actually have bedding drying outside in the fresh air under the heat of the sun.  The excitement was so much I had to order a new duvet set.

This one spoke to me and the price was right, so I couldn't resist.
~ Kate ~


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