Computers - Arrrggghhh!!!!

My computer is still giving me a headache.  I am downloading, upgrading, uninstalling.  I'd paint the screen green whilst stood on my head yodeling if some help forum said it would work!

It's monopolised my time so that the tidying and creating I had planned for today just hasn't happened.  I can confirm that a large glass of Sauvignon Blanc has happened, and very nice it is too.  It's called The Ned from Waihopai River, New Zealand.  I raise my glass to them, to you and which ever clever person at Waitrose organised for it to be on special offer.

Let the tidying, the housework and the computer battles recommence tomorrow.  Cheers!

~ Kate ~


Lisa-Jane said…
Chin chin! I've heard good things about Ned... ;-)

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