Gardening and Home Improvements

That's been the order of the day for this long bank holiday weekend, gardening and home improvements.
First off we have new windows and a door fitted in the kitchen.  All the windows need doing really but we had to start somewhere and, as there had been a couple of near misses locked out of the jammed door, it seemed like a good place to begin.
You can see all the old windows and doors propped up and waiting to be collected later in the week.
I took the opportunity to tidy the computer desk and move the wiring around to make things a bit neater.

There's plenty of work on the agenda, but as the weather was in our favour, it seemed sensible to crack on with some gardening.  Stripping back all the weeds and having a really good tidy up.  A few bedding plants needed for some colour and perhaps I might get the picnic bench built that's been in the shed for at least 3 years and then we'll call that part done.
The garden does have a little bit of colour here and there.  From subtle chive heads in pastel shades to bright garish Azaleas in unapologetic cerise pink.
A very satisfying start to the half-term holiday.

~ Kate ~


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