NSD and not having mumps

The good news is it turns out that I don't have mumps.  This doesn't, however, prevent me from having swollen lumps behind my ear, down my neck and below my jaw!  I am not a happy bunny.

My bed beckoned early yesterday, but instead of sleeping I started my scrapbooking efforts for National Sracpbooking Day (NSD). Well if your going to lounge around in bed you may as well be crafting.  I've got about 50 challenges written down, but I don't imagine I will complete them all.  My 1st page covers 2 of Shimelle's 24 challenges - #8 to scrap yourself and #20 using small photos.

This is an original photo so I've only fixed it lightly on the page and not overlapped it with any of my supplies.  I can't imagine myself doing anything else with the print so in my scrapbook album is probably the safest place for it and this was it also gets to have some of my memories kept with it.  We didn't have a school uniform and I seem to remember that my mum had a selection of these hand knitted jumpers that she sent me in wearing everyday in typical 1970's bright colours.  The school was only just around the corner, she crossed me over our road and then I walked on my own to the crossing lady who crossed me into school.  Hard to believe today.  Even if the infant school was that close now I would still walk Branston Pickle there or goodness knows what he would get up to!

Whilst taking it easy yesterday I watched two videos this one from Maggie Holmes for Studio Calico and this one from Janna Werner for Two Peas.  I just watched them through once earlier in the day and then scrapbooked from memory in the evening.  There's elements from both in my page but it definitely leans towards the elements and layout from Maggie's, probably more than I realised now that I look at it for a second time.

The background paper I've used is Double Dutch Sand from Lily Bee and I've splattered it with Seven Seas Chalkboard Mist.  I found these old, old cork embellishments by Pink Paislee to prove that if you hang onto your craft stash long enough it all comes back around again!  The camera die-cut is by Pink Paislee too.

The rest of the patterned papers are from my scrap bag.  The glassine envelope is from Ebay, MLS letters in Fog and I recently bought the Helz Cuppleditch twine. 

Right back to bed for me for a snooze and then maybe a bit more crafting.

~ Kate ~


I love your layout. School pictures are always classics. Hope you're feeling better.
Lisa-Jane said…
You haven't changed in your face at all! It's incredible. I wish I still looked as fresh as my school pics!

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