The Boys

Half-term is on the horizon and will be here before you can blink.  I'm working away on some projects during my last free afternoon before the holiday arrives.  Here's photographic evidence of what the boys have been up to this week.
Small-n-Grubby ran the senior boys 2.3km cross-country race in the local mini-marathon.  Here he is having a well earned sit down wearing his medal.
Yesterday I went with the Branston Pickle on his school trip to a community farm.  I managed to get this shot of him helping to collect the eggs without any other children in the frame.  Don't ask about the strange face pulling, I think it says "Look what I've done, but it was a bit smelly and I don't trust those chickens!"
 Mind you, can you blame him?

~ Kate ~


Lisa-Jane said…
LOL! Its a strange concept to begin with isn't it?!

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