The Quickest Ever Saturday Lunch

It's been another one of those days when we rush from pillar to post so that the children can fit in the dancing, tutor, hand bell ringing e.t.c.  A really quick lunch was needed with a bit of protein to keep them going, so I grabbed some ingredients during the 45 minutes I had in town whilst bells were ringing and literally (well almost) threw this together.
 I've used 'By Sainsbury's' wholemeal pittas that have been heated in the toaster and then filled with cooked chicken and coleslaw.  In this case I used the Tikka pieces, but Sainsbury's do BBQ chicken chunks and piri piri chicken too.  All very yummy and disappeared as quickly as it was made.

Sainsbury's are currently looking for recipes using 'By Sainsbury's' products, pop over to Penelope's Pantry for the details and there's still time to enter a recipe for a chance to win a £50 Sainsbury's voucher.

~ Kate ~  


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