Yes gliding gracefully (??or maybe not ??) along the surface of the water, but little legs are paddling frantically beneath in order to keep afloat.

It's Tuesday and I'm only just sharing weekend news.   We had a packed day on Sunday.  Church parade which included the christening of one friend's baby girl and my first look at another friend's new baby boy.  Then on to a church picnic and family social afterwards with rounders, parachute games and some pointless stick throwing activity that the scouts referred to as kub??  Luckily there were also strawberries and cream. All is right with the world when you are sat on a picnic rug eating strawberries and cream.

Here are some shots of my little family.  Small-n-Grubby during the rounders.
Branston Pickle posing.
The Dinky Diva and SMO taking in the action.
I have an endless to do list, but there is some crafting on there so, who knows, I might manage to get creative this week, some-when!

~ Kate ~


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