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It's the 13th of the month and time for another Creative Craft Photo prompt from Katharina and Sonja.  This month's prompt is 'If I don't craft...'

Before craft, blogging, babies and DIY there was always photography.
Inspired at the age of 11 by my sister's boyfriend (my future brother-in-law), I took a camera on a school trip and was hooked.  I love taking photos of my family, nature and wildlife; my best shots coming when I get in close and capture the subject tight in the frame.
The majority of my time is spent looking after my family.  It's my job, my vocation and my pleasure.  In particular this little might is poorly at the moment.
He was sick all last night, but he's a trooper and has been cheerful and sweet throughout.

I already mentioned before I went on holiday that I like to read.  I'm still working my way through these titles.
I'm enjoying 'Death Comes to Pemberley.'  It will be very interesting to see how it is adapted for television as it isn't particularly fast paced and pulls in a lot of details from the original Pride and Prejudice as characters reminisce.  We might be treated to some of the original scenes shot with the new actors.

How do I find time for reading?  Carry a book around with you to read while you're waiting, we spend so much of our lives queuing and waiting.  I love a good soak and a read in the bath and a couple of pages before bedtime is always a great wind down.  If you have school age children who are too old for picture books at bedtime, pick a great children's book and read to them a bit each evening.  Then you get to read it too!!  We're currently working our way through all of the Harry Potter books and have reached 'The Order of the Phoenix.'

~ Kate ~


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