Does anyone watch Miranda?

I just had to book cinema tickets for the end of the month remotely as the sickness is spreading through the family and I can't get down to the cinema.

The online booking wouldn't work at all as the pages wouldn't load so I was forced to use the phone!

It was like a scene from the comedy show.  To add insult it was One Direction in 3D and the woman kept repeating 'One direction' like it was the greatest thing she had ever had to say and irrespective of anything I was trying to tell her.

She couldn't understand me saying 'book tickets' despite having told me that was one of the options and once I got the giggles it was all over.  Eventually she offered me the use of the keypad and I got to the end. The booking number then came out at an odd speed slowly and then once there were several numbers the same she sped up and I went into hysterics again.

It certainly brightened my evening, but when you've spent the last 24 hours mopping up sick it doesn't take much!  Who knows what film the Dinky Diva and friends will be going to watch, they probably have separate seats all over the cinema!!!

~ Kate ~


Julia Dunnit said…
i watch it, but you couldn't make this up ! ell done you for even trying..and then for seeing the funny side. hope that the whole 3d One Direction experience is worth it for the dinky Diva. am sure it will be!

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