#CC102 - more tags

My tags from Creative Chemistry #102 are all finished (unless I can find what I've done with the Glue And Seal, in which case I may make a couple more).
I've a few more to photograph, so I've split the round up of the last ones into two blog posts.
There were some great new techniques and I can see why a Compendium Of Curiosities Volume 3 is on the way.  Above is my attempt at smudge stamping with the original version on the right.
3 Alcohol ink techniques, from the left faded layers, ombre and monoprint.
On the left in the picture above is rusted Distress powder, a really great technique.  On the right is faux patina, although I didn't have the correct colours for it really.  The tag itself is not one of the techniques, but a happy accident when I scrubbed the distressing tool with felt and remaining Alcohol Ink across it.

Back with some more once I've chased the sunlight to take the photos.

~ Kate ~ 


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